Fire and safety

Every building that is not a single residential dwelling or a residential garage is required to have fire safety measures in the building such as portable fire extinguishers, exit signs, fire hydrants and hose reels and the like tested annually. It is the building owners responsibility to provide a copy of the annual fire safety certificate to Council, to  NSW Fire and Rescue and prominently display in the building.
We promote building and occupant safety and can assist in helping building owners meet their  obligations, to annually test and  maintain building fire safety measures.
Should you wish to improve occupant and building safety in your building and have a general enquiry, please contact our Customer Service team on 4221 6111.
The following information aims to increase general fire safety awareness and develop an understanding of fire safety issues and how Council deals with building fire safety.
To help answer some questions you may have regarding Essential Fire Safety Measures for you building refer to the fact sheet located on the right of this page.
Building Regulation & Certification Changes
What Is A Fire Safety Measure
What Is A Fire Safety Schedule
What Is A Fire Safety Certificate
What Is An Annual Fire Safety Statement
Who Inspects My Premises
How To Find A Competent Fire Safety Practitioners
Does Council Offer A Reminder Service
How Do I Lodge My Annual Statement
What To Do When There Are Anomalies Between What Is Listed On A Fire Safety Schedule And What Is Installed In A Building, Or The Fire Safety Schedule Appears To Be Incorrect
What If My Building Is Currently Vacant
What Happens If I Don't Submit An Annual Fire Safety Statement On Time
What If I need More Time To Submit My Annual Fire Safety Statement
Is There Anything Else That I Need To Do
Smoke Alarms
Where Can I Find More Information