There are many natural areas that have significance to our Aboriginal community, as well as beautiful buildings and landmarks within our city that need to be treasured for future generations.
We have undertaken studies to ensure that heritage is appropriately considered and items are appropriately conserved.
Aboriginal heritage and culture is important to us. We prepared an Aboriginal Heritage Study in 2000, and in 2014 prepared the Aboriginal Heritage and Culture Toolkit. This Toolkit assists in providing the most appropriate type and degree of investigation of Aboriginal cultural heritage values when assessing development applications.
A community based heritage study was prepared in 2005 and includes a thematic history and a list of individual heritage items. 

Heritage items can include buildings or any parts of a building, farmyard structures, trees, view, streetscape, archaeological site, monuments, conservation areas, bridges, shipwrecks or industrial buildings. Items which have community significance are listed in our Local Environmental Plan (LEP). These items and why they are important, are described in the Shellharbour Heritage Inventory Sheets, which can be found on the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) online database, under Related Links. 

Old Dairy building, Croome

Toongla, Tullimbar

Windradene, Shellharbour Village