Business papers and minutes

Business papers for Council meetings are available at the Administration Centre and can be viewed at libraries on the Friday before each meeting.

When Council is considering an issue, information is often placed on public exhibition. That's your opportunity to have a look at draft plans, proposals etc and let us know what you think before the Councillors make a decision. Information about such items is published regularly in the Lake Times or if the issue affects you directly, Council will send you a letter telling you about the public exhibition period.

You can register to address the Council by following the procedure for Addresses to Council. Remember, it's important to have your say!

Business papers and minutes for other Council committees are also available in the committees section of this website.

Business papers and minutes for ordinary Council meetings and other Council committees prior to those provided on the website can be obtained with an informal access application to Council under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. In most cases, documents can be provided in hard copy or electronically.
Late Reports / Mayoral Minutes
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Search through business papers from 2005 to the present time

Archived documents can be found using our search function – Description: cid:image008.jpg@01D0E4D0.DC422FC0Shellharbour Find it! Click on the magnifying glass icon, then choose "archived documents".  Type in a few words or refine your search to include a date range and get more accurate results.


Archived Business Papers & Minutes