Biodiversity and natural areas

Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms including plants (from shrubs and trees to mosses and lichens), animals (mammals, frogs, reptiles, birds and invertebrates), the genes they contain and the ecosystems (environments) of which they are a part.

From enjoying a picnic under the Eucalypts at Blackbutt Forest, bushwalking through Croom Reserve, fishing in Lake Illawarra, or simply watching birds or frogs visit our gardens; our region's biodiversity provides much enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

The Shellharbour City Council area covers almost 15,000 hectares and includes a range of natural environments including rainforest, woodlands and wetlands scattered amongst the urban and agricultural lands. Most of the vegetation on the coastal plain has been cleared for agriculture and settlement since the early 1800's. The remaining pockets of coastal vegetation are especially valuable for Shellharbour's biodiversity, and contain a number of threatened plants, animals and vegetation communities.