Sustainable events

Council's commitment to sustainable practices for all events held on council land and/or council's own events has led to the development of a Sustainable Events Management Policy.

Event organisers are required to submit a Sustainable Event Management Plan as a supporting document to their Local Approvals submission. The plan outlines how the event organisers will minimise the environmental impacts of their event across a range of sustainability areas, including waste minimisation, resource recovery, greenhouse gas abatement, energy conservation and water conservation.
To minimise environmental impacts and unnecessary waste to landfill, Council prohibits the following at all events on public land or at those events conducted by Council:
  • The use of plastic bags (excluding compostable dog waste bags)
  • The use of polystyrene products
  • The release of balloons (the use of balloons is allowed, just not the release).
Balloon releases are often used for special commemorative events. However once the balloons come back down they can be mistaken as food by birds and marine wildlife, which can often be fatal. Animals can become entangled in the ribbons and strings, restricting their movement and ability to eat, and cause drowning. For environmentally-friendly alternatives to balloon releases please see councils flyer.

In addition, Council also discourages the use of these materials at events on private land in the Shellharbour Local Government Area.

The policy and associated guidelines were recently updated following a period of public consultation. Version 2 of the policy was adopted by Council on 31 May 2016.