Illegal graffiti defaces many of our local signs, buildings, fences, public amenities and bus stops. Graffiti is an ongoing concern for many people in the community and the cost of removal is a burden to property owners, businesses and Council. Graffiti also has a significant impact on the streetscape of a community.

In NSW Illegal Graffiti is seen as any mark or symbols made by chalk, paint, markers, pens or any other material that defaces and damages property. Graffiti is a crime of malicious damage and should be reported to Police.

Council removes all graffiti on Council property, however, graffiti removal from private property is the responsibility of the property owner. This includes businesses and walls/fences that are adjacent to laneways, footpaths and reserves.


Reporting graffiti to Council

We encourage you to report incidents of graffiti to Shellharbour City Council and the NSW Police Force. 

You can report graffiti to council by calling Customer Service (02) 4221 6111 (8:30am - 4:30pm Mon-Fri).

You can also submit an online report using our eServices portal.
Under the option Online Requests select 'Request a Service'.  Under Parks & Sports field select the option 'Graffiti'. Please provide a possible timeframe of when the graffiti occurred, an exact location of the graffiti including the structure it is on, and the size, colour, nature and amount of graffiti observed. Providing photographs of the reported graffiti will further assist the removal process and may link the graffiti to known offenders in the area.


Report graffiti to Police

You can report graffiti to Police through the Community Portal.

Police Assistance Line – 131 444

If you see someone in the act of committing a graffiti related offence, call Lake Illawarra Police Station immediately on (02) 4232 5327 or “000” if required.

If you have any information about a graffiti offence and want to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000


Reporting graffiti on privately owned structures

Australia Post – 131 318
Endeavour Energy - 131 081
Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) – 131 700
Sydney Trains – 131 500
Sydney Water – 132 092
Telstra – 132 203


Graffiti prevention tips

See NSW Crime Prevention for more information on how to prevent graffiti.

Graffiti removal methods

Paint out
This method uses paint to cover graffiti on smooth, painted surfaces to avoid a patchwork effect. Prepare the surface to reduce 'bleed through' from graffiti. Store left over paint in case it is needed again.

Chemical removal
This method uses strong solvents that dissolve or remove paint.
Carefully match the chemical to the type of surface as some chemicals may damage the surface. Read instructions carefully and follow safety precautions and personal protection such as face masks, gloves and goggles. Follow product instructions to remove graffiti and store or dispose of as directed.

Pressure washer
This method uses a combination of high pressured water and
solvent to remove graffiti from a surface. This method is usually carried out by professional graffiti removers. This method may eventually wear down a surface.