Bass Point Long Weekend

Extra ranger patrols and an increased police presence will be directed to Bass Point this long weekend.

Shellharbour Council and Lake Illawarra Local Area Command will be monitoring irresponsible motor vehicle activities.

The community is reminded that Council rangers deal with dumping of rubbish, illegal camping and parking.

The Department of Primary Industries deals with illegal bag limits, undersize fish and other fishing-related issues.

Illegal and dangerous activity should be reported directly to police.

Council and police will also monitor a four-wheel-drive Facebook event titled “Eat doughnuts at Bass Point”, currently advertised for June 16.

The community is reminded that off-road four-wheel-driving is prohibited in all parts of Bass Point reserve at all times. Any driving must be on maintained roads within the reserve.

Shellharbour City Council General Manager Carey McIntyre said it was an ongoing challenge for council to maintain the area and keep it free of damage and vandalism from four-wheel-drives and other illegal activities, which do occur at times.

“When the boundary is moved it is replaced immediately and signage and fencing has been introduced,” Mr McIntyre said.

“Large boulders which served as barriers have been moved so vehicles can enter off-limits areas above Red Sands beach. When the boundary is disturbed it is replaced as soon as possible.”

Alternative fencing methods that could withstand the vandalism were being explored for high risk areas. However this would be a longer term solution that would require yet-to-be-determined design and funding.

Media enquiries: Kelli Wells 0448 361 008.