Fungi of the Illawarra

The abundance of fungi popping up across the region this month following the wettest March in over 30 years has prompted the launch of a new ‘Fungi of the Illawarra’ brochure and a fungi workshop facilitated by ecologist and environmental photographer Alison Pouliot.

Pouliot travels around Australia and Switzerland delivering workshops about the curious kingdom of fungi. She will be running her first Illawarra workshop on Friday 7 April through Shellharbour City Council’s Sustainable Shellharbour program. 

This booked out workshop will include an exploration through Blackbutt Forest, looking for fungi that have emerged following the heavy rainfall and providing an opportunity for workshop participants to learn more about the diversity and ecology of these organisms.

A myriad of fungi of different colours, shapes and sizes have been appearing in backyards and bushlands across the region, including intriguingly named species such as earth stars, stinkhorns, parasole mushrooms and yellow brains.

Fungi can be difficult to identify, and amateurs are advised to never eat wild fungi and always wash their hands after touching any wild fungi.

Council’s Environment Team will be launching a new ‘Fungi of the Illawarra’ brochure this week. The brochure is designed to provide a glimpse into the unique world of fungi and to show examples of some common species that can be found in the Illawarra.

“We are very fortunate to live in an area with such a diverse ecosystem. This new brochure provides a great opportunity for people to understand more about the incredible variety of fungi that can be spotted in and around Shellharbour” said Mayor Marianne Saliba.

The brochure can be downloaded from Council’s website and free hardcopies can be obtained by contacting

For media enquiries please contact Council’s media officer on 4221 6038.