Norris Homestead Fire Information

On 16 February, a heritage home on Croom Road, Albion Park Rail (Norris Homestead) was destroyed by a fire.

We are working with the NSW Police Force in their investigations and in the meantime, we will continue to ensure the site is cleaned-up and safe for the public. If you have any information about the fire, please contact Lake Illawarra Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
The estimated cost of salvage/clean-up is over $60,000. Council insured the building in line with building condition reports done at the time it came under Council ownership.
The cost of cleaning the site includes the salvage of any heritage items and removal of debris. Council will continue to ensure the property remains safe for the public.
Council has always made every effort to ensure the building was safe. There had been several instances of vandalism and theft, as is the case with other Council properties and assets, as a result of the vandalism all asbestos that was at risk of being disturbed was removed in recent years. The safety of the community is Council’s priority.
Council had not made a decision about the future of the building before the fire. Council places great value on the city’s heritage buildings and had undertaken three heritage assessments on the property since it came into Council’s ownership.
Council continues to work with the NSW Police Force on its investigation.
Norris Homestead ( Lot 11 DP1099281) was zoned 1(b) Non- Urban B under the Illawarra Planning Scheme gazetted 19/1/68 and appears as 9(d) Open Space Reservation under SLEP 16 gazetted 30/9/83. It was zoned 9D Open Space Reservation under SLEP 2000 gazetted 02/06/2000. It is now zoned RE1 Public Recreation with inclusion on the Land Reservation Acquisition Map for Local Open Space under SLEP 2013 gazetted 05/04/2013.
For more information you can call us on 4221 6111 or email