Shellharbour Council to consider key planning documents

Shellharbour City Councillors will consider its key planning documents at tomorrow’s ordinary meeting on Tuesday 10 April at 6.30pm. Documents for consideration are the Draft Community Strategic Plan (CSP) 2018-2028, Draft Resourcing Strategy, Draft Delivery Program 2018 – 2021 and Draft Operational Plan 2018-2019.
Council will be requested to endorse the documents to go on public exhibition for community feedback.
Notably, the documents reflect that Shellharbour Council is forecasting to continue to meet all seven Fit for the Future ratios set down by the State Government. 
Shellharbour Mayor Marianne Saliba said all four documents highlighted the community’s partnership with Council, as well as Council’s commitment to delivering services and infrastructure to the city.
“I’m extremely proud that we have met the Fit For the Future ratios. This is reflective of Council’s sound financial sustainability, responsible asset management, and planning and reporting processes,” Cr Saliba said.
“It shows that we’re well and truly on track and that Council is operating at a high level that meets stringent benchmarks for performance and transparency.”
The 2018-2021 Draft Delivery Program includes major projects of vital importance to the community, Cr Saliba said.
“We’re investing a significant amount of money into the development of new and the renewal of existing infrastructure and we’re doing it in a financially responsible way.”
Shellharbour City Council will spend $97 million on capital projects for the community over the next three years as part of its 2018-2021 Delivery Program.
Key projects include:
Tripoli Way (Albion Park bypass)
Skiway Park Promenade renewal
New Warilla Library 
City-wide stormwater renewals
Park and playground renewals
Council Works Depot redevelopment
The Links Building modifications and capital works
Continued development of Shell Cove Marina
In regards to the development of the Draft Community Strategic Plan, Cr Saliba highlighted the extensive community consultation involved and the fact that the plan is at the heart of all decisions made by Council.
“Because it is community-driven, the CSP is Council’s highest level planning document and therefore directly guides Council’s decisions,” Cr Saliba said. “It outlines a vision for the city and provides a foundation for the development of social, economic, leadership and environmental objectives”.
The CSP was compiled from extensive, active and creative community consultation including workshops, social media feedback, online surveys and special projects including ‘Host a Conversation’, ‘If Shellharbour Were a Book’, and ‘What I Want’. 
“We also engaged with a wide cross section of the community including schools, businesses, community groups, sporting clubs and State Government departments. All of this information and feedback was then used to develop the CSP.”
The 2018-2021 Delivery Program, Draft Community Strategic Plan (CSP) 2018-2028, Operational Plan 2018-2019 and Draft Resourcing Strategy is scheduled to be placed on public exhibition from 18 April 2018 to 16 May 2018.
Cr Saliba encouraged the community to be involved in the exhibition process and provide feedback. “These documents are vitally important to our city’s future and I want the community to have their say.”
Feedback forms will be available at Council’s libraries and customer service teams at the Civic Centre. Email submissions can be made via or online feedback can be given through
What is the Community Strategic Plan?
It is a 10-year plan that identifies our community’s vision for the future. It outlines the community’s priorities and aspirations, and how these can be achieved.
The CSP comprises:
Our vision
10 key objectives
33 strategies
What are the Delivery Program and Operational Plan?
The Delivery Program translates the 10 objectives in the CSP into strategies. It is our newly-elected Council’s commitment to the community, outlining what Council intends to do during its term.
The Operational Plan further breaks down the strategies into specific actions for the first year of the Delivery Program. It identifies individual activities and projects that will be undertaken in the first financial year. The Operational Plan is supported by a detailed budget and statement of revenue policy incorporating rates, annual charges and fees & charges.
What is the Resourcing Strategy?
The Resourcing Strategy ensures there is an appropriate mix and delivery of infrastructure services, combined with the availability of sufficient financial and human resources, to deliver the strategies and actions within the Delivery Program and Operational Plan. It comprises the following three components: Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy, and Workforce Management Plan.
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