Shellharbour residents to vote in council elections for first time since 2011

The Shellharbour City Council elections are on Saturday, 9 September. It is the first time since 2011 residents have had the opportunity to vote for Council representatives.
The term of the 2017-elected Council will be three years, re-aligning it with other NSW councils.
Residents will also have to vote in a constitutional referendum regarding the direct election of the Mayor and implementation of a ward structure.
Currently, Shellharbour City Council has no ward structure and the Mayor is elected annually by the seven Councillors. Before 2008 Shellharbour City Council had a popularly elected Mayor, 12 Councillors and a six-ward structure (of 2 Councillors each).
During the administration period between 2008 and 2011, the State Government mandated seven Councillors (Mayor elected by Councillors) and no ward structure.
The two 2017 referendum questions are:
1. Do you favour the election of the Mayor by the voters of Shellharbour City for a four year term which necessitates an increase in the number of Councillors by One (1)?This will result in a total of nine (9) elected representatives made up of one (1) mayor and eight (8) Councillors. (Answer: Yes or No)

2. Currently the Shellharbour Local Government Area has no ward structure. Do you favour the Shellharbour Local Government Area being comprised of wards? (Answer: Yes or No)
If both questions were passed, the Mayor would be elected by the community and the number of Councillors from the 2020 election onwards would be eight. Shellharbour City would also be divided into wards from 2020.
The NSW Electoral Commission is managing the election. Voting is compulsory for everyone enrolled in the council area.
For more information and to check your enrolment details are up to date visit the NSW Electoral Commission website: or call 1300 135 736.
Media queries: Kelli Wells 4221 6038 or 0448 361 008.