Regional Passenger Transport

Shellharbour City Council is excited to announce Fly Corporate has been selected as the new provider of passenger services for Illawarra Regional Airport.

Commencing Monday 12 November,  Fly Corporate will schedule eighteen flights on the Melbourne route each week and eight flights on the Brisbane route each week.

Details of the new Wollongong, Melbourne and Brisbane services are available at
Council offers a number of Parking options at the Airport;

Drop Off & Pickup is immediately to the North of the terminal and is limited to a maximum of 1 hours parking.

Short term car park is to the North of the Terminal and has 44 spaces - a fee of $12 per day (or part thereof) applies.

Long Term Car Park is 100m to the North of the terminal and has 100 spaces – a fee of $10 per day or part thereof applies or a reduced rate of $50 per 7 days of parking.

Fees are payable to staff in the terminal building by EFTPOS and credit card only.

Conditions of entry

* Fees apply for the use of the short term and long term car parks
* You enter and use the car parks at your own risk.
* Shellharbour City Council is not liable to you or any person with you for:
1. Injury to you or anybody else;
2. Damage to, destruction of, theft of or unauthorised delivery of your vehicle or any other vehicle; or
3. Damage to, destruction of, theft of or delivery of any property including anything in or on your vehicle.
* You agree to indemnify Shellharbour City Council in respect of any claim made against it as a consequence of, in relation to, or in any way arising from your use of these car parks.
* Shellharbour City Council will not be liable to you for delivery of your vehicle to any person who did not have authority to take your vehicle.
* You agree:
1. To produce when requested by us, your flight itinerary;
2. Not to cause any obstruction;
3. Not to park anywhere designated as a no parking area;
4. To comply with all reasonable directions and requests by authorised officers.