Sports fields

Shellharbour City Council is home to over 40 sport and recreation facilities which cater for over 50 clubs/organisations. Further to this, the City is undergoing continual growth resulting in an increased demand for the use of sportsfields and recreational facilities. Council is committed to managing this increased demand so that the facility provided are able to be enjoyed by the whole community. 

Shellharbour City Council aims to promote and encourage the community to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The role that sporting clubs, organisations/association and schools play in providing the community with this opportunity is invaluable and Council is committed to provide the support and resources necessary for these user groups to achieve these outcomes. 


Sportsfield User Policy

The Shellharbour City Council Sportsfields User Policy contains the terms and conditions on which Shellharbour Council seasonal sporting facilities are used. By providing this policy Council wishes to continue the relationship that it has formed with all sporting clubs within Shellharbour. Through the guide, Council aims to optimise the use of facilities and the community benefits they provide.

Sporting clubs and the Shellharbour community as a whole will benefit from the equality and fairness of this document and the standard approach that it presents. Council will continue to recognise clubs’ involvement and cooperation both past and present in relation to the seasonal use of sportsfields and associated facilities.

A copy of the Sportsfield User Policy is available for download in Related Files. A hard copy can be obtained by calling 4221 6111.