Council is forecasting to exceed all of the NSW Government’s financial benchmarks, demonstrating that it is financially sustainable.

The assessment, known as ‘Fit for the Future’, is designed to strengthen the system of local government across the State to ensure that Councils are able to deliver quality services and infrastructure to their communities.

Our assessment was based on its strategies, financial plan and asset management practices and other available data up until 2021-22.

This result reaffirms the integrity of Council’s strategies and long-term financial plan, the leadership of the elected Council, the professionalism and financial acumen of staff, and the strategic delivery of services and infrastructure to our community.

This also means Council is now eligible to get highly competitive loans from the NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp). This could assist Council to provide more new and upgraded infrastructure at low rates.

In 2018 Council also approved the Sustainable Financial Strategy along with its Integrated Planning and Reporting documents (IP&R).

Shellharbour City Council practices intergenerational equity, which means it believes that resources and assets of our city do not 'belong' to any one generation but are to be administered and preserved in trust for all future generations.

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Last updated : Mon 25 Feb 2019