Project Outcome: Construction of an additional sportsfield within the Myimbarr Sporting Complex

Project Budget: $570k

Timeframe: 2021/22 to 2022/23

About the Project:

The Open Space and Recreational Needs Study (the Study) was adopted by Shellharbour Council in 2020 and it identified that there is significant growth in demand for football/soccer fields across NSW.  It reported that this was being seen within the local government area through membership numbers increasing in both female and junior participants which is putting pressure on existing facilities. The Myimbarr Sporting Complex currently accommodates for football among other sporting codes.

When the MyimbarrSporting Complex was delivered by Landcom back in 2005, the design of the facility included the future provision of an additional football/soccer field in the northern end of the site. The final formalisation of this Proposed Sports Field 4 was never completed due to an on-going conversation as to the final purpose/user of the field. However with the Study identifying the value and recommendingn the provision of an additional football/soccer field, Council has concluded that this final field will now be formalised. 

The facility will under go a design phase in 2021/22 and construction will be completed in 2022/23.  The facility will include:

  • Full size football/soccer field
  • Subsoil drainage and irrigation
  • Sportsfield lighting for both training (50 Lux) and competition (100 Lux).
  • Ancillarly infrastructure like connecting paths, spectator seating and dugouts.


Project updates will be delivered through Council's social media channels and dedicated consultation platform Let's Chat Shellharbour.

Last updated : Tue 27 Jul 2021