Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Development Assessment Toolkit

We value and respect our local Aboriginal culture and heritage and support all efforts to ensure it is considered in all land use planning. Our Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Development Assessment Toolkit assists us in providing the most appropriate investigation of Aboriginal cultural heritage values when assessing development applications and works carried out by Council.

Find out more about the toolkit on our Cultural and heritage advice page.

Events celebrating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities

We celebrate our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through a number of annual events including our Reconciliation Schools Walk, NAIDOC Community Day and Regional NAIDOC awards dinner.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for details of upcoming events.

Engaging with our local Aboriginal community

We are committed to working with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and ensuring they are involved in local decision making. This is highlighted through our Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal Australians.

Our Aboriginal Advisory Committee was created in November 1998. In 2018, the Shellharbour Aboriginal Advisory Committee celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary. Reaching this milestone makes it the oldest continuous serving committee of its kind in NSW.

The objective of the committee is to

  • encourage the recognition of Aboriginal history, culture and people
  • ensure access to a range of services in the community
  • ensure participation of Aboriginal people in determining the future of the Shellharbour.

Visit our committees and working parties page to find out more about the Aboriginal Advisory Committee.

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Last updated : Wed 6 Mar 2019