How to report an issue to us

The easiest way to report an issue to us is by lodging a request through our eServices portal. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a request number to track your enquiry.

There are a number of specific categories to lodge your issue including:

If you do not find a category that relates to your request, please select the option 'other requests'.

To report a safety hazard or an urgent issue, contact our Customer Service Centre and out-of-hours service on 4221 6111. 

Barking dogs

To find out more about how to report barking dogs, visit our Dogs and cats page.


Graffiti is a crime that significantly affects the community, businesses and residents. Graffiti makes people feel unsafe and removal is costly to the community. We take reports of graffiti very seriously and remove graffiti on Council property promptly.  Graffiti removal from private property is the responsibility of the property owner. This includes businesses, walls and fences that are adjacent to laneways, footpaths and reserves.

To report graffiti on Council property, call Council on 4221 6111 or online at e-services.

To report graffiti on private property and businesses, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at


The Protection of the Environment (Noise Control) Regulation 2008 covers neighbourhood noise laws. There are time restrictions on when noise from residential premises should not be heard inside a neighbour's residence.

The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage offers further information on time-of-day noise restrictions.

NSW EPA also offers further information on noise regulations. 

If noise is causing a problem for you, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns with your neighbour. In most cases, a good outcome can be negotiated this way. A Community Justice Centre can also assist in this process. This service provides free, independent mediation between you and your neighbour to assist in resolving disagreements, and has a high success rate.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with your neighbour, you may lodge a complaint with us by using eServices, calling 4221 6111 or by emailing

Complaints regarding noise from a late night party should be directed to the NSW Police by calling the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. Complaints regarding noise from a vehicle on a public road should be directed to the NSW EPA or local police. Complaints regarding licensed premises, such as pubs and clubs, should be directed to the NSW Department of Industry Liquor & Gaming.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping of unwanted household items is a significant financial, environmental and social problem.

Many items can be disposed of for free at our Transfer Station at Dunmore Waste Recycling and Disposal Depot. We also provide on-call bulk kerbside collections and an irregular bin collection service.

Our Regulation Officers regularly patrol our streets and people found responsible for littering or dumping rubbish can be fined under the Protection of the Environment and Operations (POEO) Act 1997. Court imposed fines carry a maximum penalty of $250,000 to $5,000,000 depending on the type of rubbish dumped and harm caused to the environment.

If you see anyone illegally dumping rubbish contact us on 4221 6111 to let us know:

  • The time, date and place of dumping
  • A description of the offending vehicle and registration number
  • A description of the person dumping the rubbish and the type of rubbish being dumped

Please see below for some helpful documents related to Illegal Dumping.

Tree pruning or removal

An application for removal or pruning applies to all tree(s) on private property that are:

  • equal to or above 3 metres in height, or
  • 3 metres or more in branch spread, or
  • 300 mm or more in trunk diameter at ground level.

Trees on the exempt species list will receive automatic approval when the application is lodged and inspection is carried out.

Download an application to remove/prune trees.

For maintenance of trees located on Council roads, parks and reserves please contact us by lodging a report online using eServices, calling 4221 6111 or by emailing

For all trees affected by power wires on public land contact Endeavour Energy.

Unregistered trail bikes and motorised scooters

In NSW, it is illegal to ride an unregistered motorcycle on sealed/unsealed roads, footpaths, reserves and sports fields. You may only ride on private land with the owner’s permission, or at a designated track. Riding unregistered motorcycles or being an unlicensed rider proposes an extreme safety risk to the community, the rider and their passengers. Riding in reserves, parklands, playgrounds and sports fields is also dangerous and destructive to our community spaces.

To report illegal activity relating to unregistered trail bikes and motorised scooters please contact Lake Illawarra Police on 4232 5599 or report online to Crime Stoppers.

Last updated : Tue 11 May 2021