Exempt and complying developments

A complying development certificate combines the functions of both development consent and a construction certificate. It is a form of approval appropriate for many types of minor or routine development, which have a minor impact but have not been specifically declared as exempt development under the Shellharbour Local Environment Plan which is available from a link below.

These approvals are limited to certain locations and must be carried out in accordance with pre-determined standards and conditions as per the LEP link below.

Both Council or Private Certifiers can grant a Complying Development Certificates.  You will be required to appoint a Principal Certifying Authority to monitor the works during construction.

Where you cannot meet the criteria related to a Complying Development Certificate you will need to apply for a Development Application and Construction Certificate, which is also available through this portal.

NSW Housing Code

As of the 27th February 2009, the State Government launched the Exempt & Complying Development SEPP.  For the next 12 months , home owners will be able to choose between the State Government's SEPP or local council complying development plans for certain types of development.

SEPP - The Codes SEPP (Housing Code)

For people intending to undertake residential construction work, Council strongly encourages that you obtain a Section 149(2) Planning Certificate to ascertain whether the SEPP applies.

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