We play a significant role in developing the city as a platform for creative activity and expression. We are working with the community to harness and foster arts and culture across Shellharbour through creative initiatives outlined in our arts and cultural development strategy, Make, Play Grow 2015-2019.

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Art at the Civic Centre

Community planning for the new Civic Centre identified art as an important to the design of the building and public domain.
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Lake Illawarra Art Trail

The art trail is an innovative and exciting way to positively connect the community with its cultural identity.
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Make, Play, Grow Creative Strategy

This strategy aims to ensure Shellharbour is a city where creativity thrives.
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Shellharbour Village Exhibition Space

The SVES is available for hire for a huge range of creative activities.
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Urban Art Project

The Urban Art Project identifies areas impacted by graffiti and invites artists to create large-scale artworks in those spaces.
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Weave Artists Directory

A space for our creative community to come together, to connect, collaborate, promote and support.
Last updated : Mon 18 Feb 2019