1. Pre-lodgement

The first step of the DA process is to organise a pre-lodgement meeting with us. The purpose of this meeting is to provide you with advice so that your application can be prepared in a way that enables both a timely assessment and positive outcome. This meeting is your opportunity to explain your proposal and discuss any potential issues. It may be necessary for our officers to undertake further research so that notes can be prepared for you. 

2. Preparing your supporting documents

The supporting documents, reports and plans that you will need to attach to your DA will depend on your proposal and will be discussed at your pre-lodgement meeting.

3. Lodge your proposal

Once you have all your supporting documents ready, you can lodge and pay for your Development Application online using eServices. Once registered you will be issued with unique login details and be able to track the process of your development application online.

Anyone lodging a DA is required to publicly disclose any donations or gifts relevant to the proposal.

4. Assessment process

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, all DAs must be formally assessed by us. This means that the site must be inspected, applicants and neighbours engaged, reports drafted and recommendations made.

5. Determination

You can track the process of your DA online and will receive a Notice of Determination in the mail detailing the outcome of your application.

The Notice of Determination will set out the terms of the development consent, conditions, or in the case of a refusal, the reasons for refusal.

If your DA is refused or granted with unacceptable conditions, you may:

For further information contact us on 4221 6111.

6. Obtain a Construction Certificate

Once your DA is approved, there are still a few things you need to do before you can begin building:

  • Apply for a Construction Certificate by completing and returning a Construction Certificate application form.
  • Appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). You must appoint a certifier for your development. The certifier will supervise the works on your site and will issue the final approvals. You can appoint us to be your certifier or can appoint an accredited certifier.
  • Give us notice. You must give us and your PCA two days notice before work commences.
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