Council considers trees within the urban forest as an asset for the community. We are passionate to preserve and maintain these assets for this generation and those to come. 


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Trees on your property

Find out more about pruning or removing trees on your property.
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Trees on neighbours property

What property owners can do when neighbouring trees are impacting on them, how to access legal advice
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Illegal tree removal, pruning or damage

How Council responds to these allegations and investigates, criteria for and link to VRA.
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Damage caused by trees on Council land

Process and grounds for which Council will consider claims
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Review of tree removal decisions

How to seek further advice about Council decisions relating to trees on both private and Council land.
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Pruning, removing or re-planting of trees on Council land

Details of how Council responds, expected timeframes and what Council does not action
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Preparing for bush fires

Bushfire preparations and guidelines
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Have a question? Read some of our frequently asked questions.
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Benefit of Trees

Find out why trees are good for us
Last updated : Fri 30 Oct 2020