Food Fairness Illawarra

Making sustainable food choices is a really important way to make positive environmental impact.

Shellharbour City Council is an active member of Food Fairness Illawarra, a community coalition that works together to make healthy and sustainable food affordable and accessible for all.

The Food Fairness Illawarra website has a fantastic range of local resources – see Food Fairness Illawarra.

Grow Local Garden Guides

Check out our Grow Local Illawarra Edible Garden for ideas and inspiration about growing food at home in the Illawarra. For tips on growing local native plants in urban and rural gardens in the Illawarra, check out our Grow Local Illawarra Native Garden Guide. You can also request a hard copy by emailing or calling our Environment team on 4221 6111. If you're planning a garden, check out our plant nursery page.

Backyard chook keeping

Keeping chickens is a great way to recycle your food scraps into fresh, nutritious eggs. They're also a wonderful way for kids to learn about where eggs come from and to help us appreciate the need for ethical and sustainable food production.

Guidelines for backyard chook keeping in Shellharbour are set by the NSW Government. Requirements listed under the Local Government Act (Local Government General Regulation 2005) for the keeping of poultry are enforceable with an order from Council. You do not need permission from Council for a poultry house if you follow requirements of the NSW State Planning Policy State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.


For helpful tips on how you can reduce your energy usage at home and work, please visit Energy Saver and Energy NSW. 


Like yourself, many Shellharbour residents are actively looking to reduce their household water consumption and save one of our most precious resources – water. Visit Sydney Water for helpful tips on saving water at home and using water wisely.

Greywater re-use

Greywater is re-usable wastewater from washing machines, showers, baths and basins. If managed correctly, greywater can be a valuable additional water source for your garden. For information about the regulations of greywater use see Sydney Water.

Last updated : Mon 21 Feb 2022