Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as amended, of the following approvals granted by Council:


Barrack Heights

DA No. 230/2020
Alterations And Additions To Existing Dwelling at Lot 383, DP 243276, 24 Loftus Drive, Barrack Heights

Barrack Point

DA No. 279/2020
Two Storey Dwelling And Detached Secondary Dwelling at Lot 81, DP 12780, 72 Headland Parade, Barrack Point


DA No. 541/2016 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0069/2020)
Amendment To Demolition Of Existing Structures, Hotel Accommodation And Golf Course Development Including Clubhouse And Associated Works – Modifications To Amend Conditions A1, A3, C1, C2 & C3 at Part Lot 6, DP 2534, 532 Calderwood Road, Calderwood

DA No. 347/2020
Single Storey Dwelling at Lot 3618, DP 1239811, 38 Sunflower Boulevard, Calderwood


DA No. 253/2020
Construction Of Single Storey Building For Purpose Of Conducting A Home Business (Accountant) And Machinery Storage Space at Lot 6, DP 285417, 10 Fuller Drive, Dunmore

Shell Cove

DA 217/2020 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0093/2020)
Amendment To New Inground Swimming Pool – Modifications To Include Inclusion Of Retaining Wall In DA Description And Plans To Reflect Retaining Walls at Lot 6923, DP 1155515, 18 Troon Avenue, Shell Cove

DA No. 362/2020
Demolition Of Existing Pergola, Construction Of Ground Floor Pergola, First Floor Deck And Pergola And Detached Cabana at Lot 5228, DP 1050004, 19 Dunk Avenue, Shell Cove


DA No. 488/2018
Subdivision Of Land Into 117 Including 116 Residential Lots, Public Open Space And Associated Infrastructure at Lot 202, DP 1230191, Yellow Rock Road, Tullimbar

DA No. 330/2020
Two Storey Dwelling At Lot 329, DP 1230129, 23 Tomerong Street, Tullimbar

To obtain a copy of the Notice of Determinations for Development Applications please call our Customer Service Team on 4221 6111.

Please note that during the COVID-19 period, Council will continue to notify the Community of development proposals in accordance with the Community Participation Plan, however, we will no longer be able to provide hard copies at Shellharbour Civic Centre.  The NSW Government has mandated that this form of notification will now occur online via Council’s website as described above.

These measures will be kept in place until the crisis is over, and reviewed as new issues arise.

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Last updated : Thu 10 Sep 2020