Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as amended, of the following approvals granted by Council:


Albion Park

DA No. 441/2019
Six Townhouses (Multi Dwelling Housing) at Lots 52 & 53, DP 1229526, 15 - 17 Brae Road, Albion Park

DA No. 472/2019 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0121/2019)
Amendment To Garage – Modifications To Include A Reduction In Size Of Garage And An Increase To Side Boundary Setbacks at Lot 78, DP 248474, 20 Crest Road , Albion Park

Albion Park Rail

DA No. 625/2019
Part Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Dwelling Extensions at Lot 5, DP 31715, 16 Princes Highway, Albion Park Rail


DA No. 606/2019
Single Storey Dwelling at Lot 3239, DP 1225478, 61 Brotheridge Avenue, Calderwood


DA No.391/2018 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0118/2019)
Amendment To Two Townhouses And Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) – Modifications To Include Increase In Retaining Wall Height at Lot 238, DP 1146607, 5 Rachel Avenue, Flinders

Mount Warrigal

DA No. 455/2019
Alterations And Additions To Principal Dwelling And Alterations And Additions To Form A Second Attached Dwelling (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 587, DP 238040, 24 Cuthbert Drive, Mount Warrigal

Oak Flats

DA No. 647/2019
Swimming Pool at Lot 1031, DP 263029, 30 Tarra Crescent, Oak Flats

DA No. 656/2019
Demolition Of Dwelling And Ancillary Structures at Lot 21, Sec C, DP 13638, 41 Wentworth Street, Oak Flats
Shell Cove

DA No. 287/2018
Subdivision Of Land To Include 10 Superlots – Eight Of which Are Designated For Future Medium Density Integrated Housing Development And Two For Future Residential Flat Buildings, One Residue Lot, Civil Infrastructure – Road Construction, Stormwater Drainage And Water Quality Treatment Devices, Earthworks, Public Domain Works Including Street Tree Planting And Footpaths Within The Subdivision at Lot 4002 & Lot 4003, DP 1235539, Harbour Boulevard, Shell Cove


DA No. 331/2018
Two Stage Subdivision of Lot 4003, DP 1235539 Into 57 Lots Comprising Of 42 Housing Lots, Six Public Reserve Lots, Nine Future Residential Superlots And One Residue Lot at Lot 4003, DP 1235539, Old Bass Point Road, Shellharbour


DA No. 534/2019
Demolition Of Existing Dwelling, Construction Of Two Townhouses With Retaining Walls And Two Lot Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 100, DP 15886, 131 Osborne Parade, Warilla

The development consents are available for public inspection, free of charge, during ordinary office hours at Council’s Civic Centre, 76 Cygnet Avenue (Cnr Cygnet & College Avenue), Shellharbour City Centre.

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