Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as amended, of the following approvals granted by Council:


Albion Park

DA No. 30/2019
Two Townhouses With Strata Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 3, DP 1224560, 20 Ulan Place, Albion Park

Barrack Heights

DA No. 183/2019
Retention Of Existing Dwelling, Proposed New Dwelling And Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 342, DP 238116, 90 The Kingsway, Barrack Heights


DA No. 207/2019 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0056/2019)
Amendment To Single Storey Dwelling With Attached Secondary Dwelling Modification To Remove Conditions 26 And 31 at Lot 2045, DP 1214796, 9 Markham Drive, Calderwood

DA No. 401/2019
Detached Shed at Lot 2086, DP 1214796, 13 Mountain Ash Street, Calderwood


DA No. 395/2019
Single Storey Dwelling at Lot 107, DP 1230190, 21 Aurora Avenue, Dunmore


DA No. 384/2019
Inground Swimming Pool at Lot 2306, DP 1085022, 14 Atchison Street, Flinders

Lake Illawarra

DA No. 297/2018
Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Six Townhouses (Multi Dwelling Housing) at Lot 79, DP 24325, 46 Addison Avenue, Lake Illawarra

Shell Cove

DA No. 619/2017 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0054/2019)
Amendment To Residential Torrens Title Subdivision Comprising Of 58 Residential Lots, Seven Super Lots And One Residue Lot – Modification To Amendment Of Condition 13 at Lot 4002, DP 1235539, Harbour Boulevard, Shell Cove

REV No. 2/2018 (DA No. 47/2018)
Section 8.3 Application For And Conduct review Of Construction Of Second Dwelling With Garage (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 7, Sec C, DP 28267, 36 Helen Street, Warilla

The development consents are available for public inspection, free of charge, during ordinary office hours at Council’s Civic Centre, 76 Cygnet Avenue (Cnr Cygnet & College Avenue), Shellharbour City Centre.

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Last updated : Thu 15 Aug 2019