Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as amended, of the following approvals granted by Council:


Albion Park

DA No. 572/2017 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0022/2020)
Amendment To Staged Residential Subdivision Of Land Consisting Of 67 Residential Lots And Associated Roads And Drainage Works (Stage 5 Tullimbar) – Modifications To The Building Design Guidelines Appendix A & B By Adjusting The Vehicular Crossings And The Zero Lot Lines at Lot 414, DP 1235168, Cooback Road, Albion Park

DA No. 385/2018 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0007/2020)
Amendment To Torrens Title Boundary Adjustment Stage One, Alterations And Additions To Existing Dwelling Demolition Of Outbuildings And Construction Of Three Townhouses (Multi Dwelling Housing – Stage 2) – Modification To Increase Floor Level at Lots 1 & 2, DP 1251688, 25-27 Tripoli Way, Albion Park

DA No. 623/2019
Two Villas And Two Lot Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 39, DP 1229526, 10 Brae Road, Albion Park

DA No. 18/2020 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0027/2020)
Amendment To Retaining Wall – Modifications To Include A Change Of Wall Material To Besser Blocks at Lot 85, DP 1229526, 44 Upland Chase, Albion Park


DA No. 2/2020
Two Townhouses And Two Lot Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 118, DP 1230190, 6 Aurora Avenue, Dunmore

Oak Flats

DA No. 102/2020
Demolition Of Dwelling And Associated Structures at Lot 193, Sec A, DP 13638, 73 The Boulevarde, Oak Flats

Shell Cove

DA No. 71/2020
Two Storey Dwelling With Swimming Pool at Lot 2029, DP 1203745, 3 The Promontory Drive, Shell Cove


DA No. 5/2018 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0127/2019)
Amendment To Single Storey Tavern With Associated Basement, Loading Dock And Signage – Modifications To Include Reconfiguration Of Internal Layout, Enclosure Of Outdoor Area And Amendments To Ridge Height at Lot 4008, DP 1219051, Old Bass Point Road, Shellharbour


DA No. 360/2019 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0024/2020)
Amendment To Two Storey Dwelling – Modifications To Include Repositioning Of The Third Garage at Lot 409, DP 1235168, 35 Narooma Street, Tullimbar


DA No. 66/2020
Demolition Of Garage, Timber Awning And Metal Shed And Construction Of New Garage at Lot 70, DP 15886, 71 Osborne Parade, Warilla

To obtain a copy of the Notice of Determinations for Development Applications please call our Customer Service Team on 4221 6111.

Please note that during the COVID-19 period, Council will continue to notify the Community of development proposals in accordance with the Community Participation Plan, however, we will no longer be able to provide hard copies at Shellharbour Civic Centre.  The NSW Government has mandated that this form of notification will now occur online via Council’s website as described above.

These measures will be kept in place until the crisis is over, and reviewed as new issues arise.

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Last updated : Fri 3 Apr 2020