Publication Date - 30 June 2022

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as amended, of the following approvals granted by Council:


Albion Park

DA No. 391/2011 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0042/2022)

Amendment To Alter Building Envelope And Construct Single Storey Dwelling With Garage And Swimming Pool - Modification To Swimming Pool Location And Extension Of Patio Area at Lot 4, DP 1067675, 25 Red Gum Road, Albion Park

DA No. 722/2021

Two Storey Dwelling, Swimming Pool and Retaining Walls at Lot 173, DP 255319, 59 Scenic Crescent, Albion Park


DA No. 163/2022

Two Storey Dwelling And Inground Swimming Pool at Lot 2315, DP 1214798, 61 Butterfactory Drive, Calderwood

Lake Illawarra

DA No. 743/2021

Demolition Of Existing Structures And Construction Of Three Townhouses And Torrens Title Subdivision (Multi Dwelling Housing) at Lot 54, DP 14042, 83 Pur Pur Avenue, Lake Illawarra

Oak Flats

DA No. 588/2020 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0033/2022)

Amendment To Demolition Of Carport And Construction Of Attached Garage - Modification To Change Garage Configuration And Roof at Lot 1, DP 119075, 111 The Esplanade, Oak Flats

DA No. 721/2021

Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Three Townhouses (Multi Dwelling Housing) at Lot 218, Sec C, DP 13638, 71 Kingston Street, Oak Flats

Shell Cove

DA No. 469/2021 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0029/2022)

Amendment To Above Ground Pool And Deck - Modification To Pool Location (Moving North By 700mm) With Deck Location Unchanged at Lot 5239, DP 1050004, 4 Hayman Crescent, Shell Cove

DA No. 606/2021

Construction Of Two Residential Flat Buildings With Basements (Precinct C2 Apartments) at Lot 3000, DP 1258171 & Lots 3008 & 3009, DP 1258172 (Formerly Lot 9009, DP 1254656), The Promontory Drive, Shell Cove

DA No. 78/2022

Alterations To Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Deck, Fences, Retaining Walls, Pool House And Swimming Pool at Lot 6109, DP 1121362, 8 Huntingdale Close, Shell Cove

DA No. 186/2022

Use Of Shellharbour South Beach For Tandem Skydiving (Outdoor Recreation Facility) at Lot 9001, DP 1254656, Boollwarroo Parade, Shell Cove

DA No. 205/2022 (Part 2) (Ref No. DAM0063/2022)

Amendment To Two Storey Dwelling - Modification To Garage And Balcony, Removal Of Condition 27 - Completion Of Landscape Works at Lot 7110, DP 1262015, 22 Catamaran Avenue, Shell Cove

DA No. 207/2022

Inground Concrete Swimming Pool at Lot 1113, DP 1229950, 106 The Promontory Drive, Shell Cove


DA No. 96/2022

Demolition Of All Structures And Construction Of Two Storey Dwelling With Basement at Lot 10, DP 21994, 5 Gardeners Crescent, Shellharbour

DA No. 203/2022

Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Construction Of Two Storey Dwelling at Lot 71, DP 1183437, 11 Towns Street, Shellharbour


DA No. 189/2022

Two Townhouses And Two Lot Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 436, DP 1266545, 19 Bowral Crescent, Tullimbar


DA No. 77/2022

Awning at Lot 2, SP 87926, 2/7 Antrim Avenue, Warilla

Last updated : Fri 1 Jul 2022