Community Gardens

The community gardens network provides quality recreation spaces for the community to enjoy, while contributing to the health and vibrancy of our community through educational, social, cultural and environmental activities.

On this page you can find locations and details of existing community gardens, additional resources and helpful documents if you would like to find, join or create a community garden.

The Community Gardens Strategy provides a strategic focus for establishing and expanding the community gardens network. Under title ‘Helpful Documents’ below, you can find the Strategy, associated Policy and Community Gardens Guide. Together, these documents provide a framework for the planning and development of community gardens. 

Navigate the interactive map by clicking on the garden icons to learn where each community garden is located and see garden details below to learn more about the spaces and how to get involved. 

For a new community garden to be established, a Community Garden Group is to submit an application form found here or under title ‘Useful Links’ below.

If approved by Council, the garden group will be granted a licence. All garden operations will occur in accordance to the licence.

Please contact Council on 4221 6111 to further discuss community garden enquiries. 

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Shell Cove Community Garden

Find out more about the Shell Cove Community Garden here!
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Albion Park Community Garden

Find out more about Albion Park Community Garden here!
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Tullimbar Community Garden

Find out more about Tullimbar Community Garden here!
alt text

Barrack Heights Community Garden

Find out more about Barrack Heights Community Garden here!
Last updated : Tue 10 Oct 2023