Driveway Applications

All new or replacement driveways (or vehicular crossings) require Council consent prior to construction. Please submit a s138 Road Opening Application form.

Driveway and footpath constructions are to be carried out by council approved contractors only. A list of Council approved contractors can be supplied upon request. Please submit an Approved Driveway Crossing Contractor Application Form to undertake driveway constuctions within the Shellharbour LGA.

Driveway application fee includes 2 inspections. Further inspections will be charged prior to booking. 

Driveways are to be constructed to Council’s standard specifications from concrete only within the public road reserve. 

Allowed: Exposed aggregate, stencilled, stamped concrete (shallow patterns only).

Not allowed: Pavers, cobblestone, brick, tiles, crushed granite or gravel (urban setting).

If a driveway is constructed without consent from Council an application must be submitted retrospectively and evidence provided that the driveway was constructed to Council’s standards. If a driveway is non-compliant with Council’s standards, the property owner will be directed to have the driveway removed and reinstated under a S138 road opening application. 

Road Opening Applications (Other works within the road reserve)

A road opening application must be submitted for any work to be undertaken in the road reserve. These works include but are not limited to footpath, utility, kerb and gutter, stormwater, trenching, crane delivery. 
Please provide all relevant details and construction plans. 

Application fee includes 2 inspections. Further inspections will be charged prior to booking. 

Utility Works

Utility works for the installation or maintenance of a privately owned utility asset require s138 road opening consent.
Works carried out by a utility company on its own assets do not require consent. E.g. Telstra, Sydney Water, Endeavour Energy etc. Notification is required that includes scope of works, date and contact persons which must be provided for Council’s records. All Council assets must be reinstated as per Council’s Engineering code.

Underboring and Trenching

Any underground works must be underbored as a pre-curser to trenching. If this is not possible, permission must be obtained from the Council to open the pavement. S138 consent must be received prior to underboring or trenching.

All trenches through the road surface must be filled with stabilised DGB 20 and bridged 300 mm on either side with a minimum 30 mm AC layer. Hold point inspection prior to AC. 

A bond is applicable for all trenches through the road pavement, footpaths or kerb and gutter. The bond will be returned pending an inspection at 6 months post completion of work. 

Road Closures

Road closures for civil works require a S138 road opening permit/ application. Apply using the ‘Road Opening Application’ form. 

Full road closures (closure of all travel lanes) require approval from the Shellharbour Local Traffic Committee held on the first Wednesday of each month. Subsequent Council meeting approval is also required.  View applicable fee charges here.

An 8 week lead time should be allowed for full road closure applications.

Partial road closures do not require Local Traffic Committee approval. Referral to Council’s Transport Team may be required for partial road closures, a three week turnaround time should be allowed. 

Once submitting your s138 application, the relevant info will be sent to Council’s Transport Team to present to the soonest practicable traffic committee meeting. 

Only after traffic committee approval can your s138 consent be granted. 

Last updated : Fri 13 Oct 2023