Preparing for a flood emergency

The best way you can prepare for flooding is to plan for future flood events. Prior to or during a flood, the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) may ask you to evacuate your home or workplace. The key to successfully evacuating during times of flood is to prepare beforehand.

You can do this by:

  • knowing the flooding risks where you live, work and where your children go to school
  • planning where you will go during times of flood
  • knowing who to call during an emergency for help and assistance
  • making a flood-safe plan with your family
  • putting together an emergency kit for your home.

The NSW State Emergency Services (SES) provide further information on what to do to prepare for floods and provide guidance on preparing an emergency kit for your home.

What are we doing?

New developments within flood-prone areas are now built to a standard that can better respond to current and future flood risk. This includes taking measures such as increasing floor level heights and/or using flood-proof building materials.

For more information visit our Development Control Plans page.

We are working to make information about the potential impact of flood more easily available to owners, buyers, lenders and insurers. When insurers are uncertain about flood risk they are likely to charge more for flood cover. If we are able to provide insurers with clear, up-to-date information, they can be more accurate in their risk assessment. This often leads to a reduction in insurance premiums.

For more information visit our Floodplain management page.

Last updated : Wed 24 Mar 2021