We support well designed and suitable developments and not all projects require a Development Application (DA). Before you undertake any development or building works, you will need to determine if you need approval. The type of consent or approval you require will depend on the scale and potential impacts of your development on neighbouring properties. There are three assessment pathways that may apply to residential or commercial development:

Exempt Development

Many minor renovations and low-impact works do not need planning or construction approval. Council approval is not needed if your project meets specific development standards.

Visit the NSW Government’s Planning Portal to see if your project may be an exempt development.

Complying Development

Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. If the application meets specific criteria, it can be determined by a council or an accredited certifier.

Visit the NSW Government’s Planning Portal to see if your project may be a complying development.

Apply for a complying development certificate using eServices.

Development Application

Development and building work that is not considered as exempt development or complying development and could cause a major environmental / amenity impact require development consent through the development application (DA) process.

Find out about the DA process and how to lodge your application.

Local Approval

A local approval must be lodged for:

  • operation of street stalls
  • busking
  • operation of a loudspeaker
  • installing movable dwellings/temporary structures (this includes jumping castles, marquees and stages)
  • any general use of community land for public events
  • use of private land for large events
  • installation of solid fuel or oil heating appliances
  • onsite sewer management

A local approval is required so we can ensure the property will be used appropriately and that there is minimum impact on the local community and environment.

Find out more about local approvals and download an  application form.

Last updated : Wed 9 Jun 2021