Keeping our city clean 

Shellharbour is bursting with little pockets of beauty across the entire City. Each day many of our teams work hard to maintain these public spaces, streets, pathways and more to help keep Shellharbour City clean, safe and beautiful.  

Our teams empty street litter bins, collect syringes and pick up items that have been illegally dumped. They keep the grass maintained, public toilets and areas clean, as well as remove chewing gum, posters, stickers and graffiti. 
We all can contribute in keeping our neighbourhood’s clean and safe. Here is some information for how you can make a difference!  
Bringing in your bin - After your rubbish and recycling has been collected, you must store your bin on your property until the next collection date. Bins left out on the street or footpath can be a safety hazard and if they are knocked over can cause a great amount of litter to enter the streets and eventually our waterways and beaches. They are also more likely to be damaged, stolen or lost.  

This situation is especially prevalent in our laneways where negative impacts on local amenity and streetscapes can easily be avoided. Of particular concern is the on-going problem of such practices attracting vermin to the localised area.
Bulk kerbside collections – Before placing any items out for collection, you must book your service with the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team. See HERE for how to book in a bulk kerbside collection and what can and cannot be collected. 
Illegal dumping – Illegal dumping is unsightly, expensive to remove, and is an environmental and health hazard.  If you see illegal dumping in your neighbourhood report it by contacting Council’s Customer Service team.  
Abandoned Shopping Trolley – If you notice an abandoned shopping trolley please report it to the relative Supermarket 

Use the right Bin – Being informed of what can and cannot be recycled or put in FOGO, and sorting waste accordingly is a small action that can make a big difference for our City and the planet! If rubbish is not sorted correctly this means more waste ends up in landfill, which as it begins to decompose releases toxic gases like methane. Learn about what can go in your bins HERE
Bin your chewing gum – Chewing gum sticks to the footpath and streets making it difficult and costly to remove. It doesn’t degrade over time and can build up to look dirty and unpleasant. Please consider others and dispose of your chewing gum thoughtfully by putting it in a street litter bin.  
Bin your butts – Avoid a heavy fine and harm to our natural ecosystems by disposing of your cigarette butts correctly. Firstly, make sure it’s stubbed out and then put it in a street litter bin ashtray or wall mounted ashtray.  
Syringes - Sharps, such as needles, syringes and lancets need to be disposed of safely to prevent injuries. You can do this by reporting it to Council or if you are confident enough to remove/pickup syringe you should wear gloves and place into a secured container. Contact Council Customer Service or Department of Health for the location of a disposal bin. 
Shellharbour City Council cleans and services its amenities once per day.  If any safety concerns or cleaning issues are found within amenities please report to Council Customer Service. 

Lawn and grass maintenance  

The Mowing team maintains all Shellharbour City Council open areas and sports fields on a rotation schedule which can be accessed HERE on our website. If you notice any issues please contact Council Customer Service.  

Parks Team 

The Parks and Gardens team proudly maintain all Shellharbour City Council parks and open spaces on a rotation schedule which can be accessed on our website. If there are any issues please contact Council Customer Service. 
Tree Maintenance Team  
The Tree Maintenance team maintains reserve and street trees by carrying out necessary maintenance and pruning. Removals are carried out only if required.  Residents can contact Council Customer Service to notify any concerns they may have regarding trees.

Bush Regeneration Team 

Councils Regeneration Team looks after Shellharbour City Councils natural reserves and part of the activities includes involvement in the restoration and regeneration of our natural areas.  If you see any issues please contact Council Customer Service 
Street Sweeping 
Shellharbour City Councils road street sweeper cleans the city streets over a 12-week cycle.  The footpath and shared pathway sweeper works to a schedule also on a 12-week cycle.   If you see any safety concerns or issues please contact Council Customer Service  

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Find more information about our mowing team and the work they do across our city.
Last updated : Fri 29 May 2020