Planning is the most important part of running a successful event, and this often means starting well in advance.

Our staff will work closely with you throughout the planning process to ensure that it is as smooth and easy as possible. This page contains guides to help you decide everything from what permits will be required through to suggestions on how to plan and manage your event..

If in doubt contact the Events Team by emailing or calling 4221 6111 and discuss your needs at the first instance. We are always happy to help.


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Event strategy

This document ensures we are able to develop and maintain best practice and that our events are vibrant, high quality and relevant to our city.
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Event toolkit

So, you want to host an event? Before you start, here are a few things to think about...
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Apply for an event permit

If you are planning on holding an event, you will need to apply for an event permit.
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Apply for an event DA

If you are planning on holding an event, you will need to apply for a development application.
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Apply for event funding

We run a small grants program to assist local event organisers plan and realise their events.
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Event EOI's

Find out about expression of interest opportunities for our upcoming events.
Last updated : Mon 19 Oct 2020