How to report an issue to us

The easiest way to request support or report a local issue is to select one of the approriate categories below.

Reporting urgent issues 

To report a safety hazard or an urgent issue, contact our Customer Service Centre and out-of-hours service on 4221 6111. 


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Make a general enquiry or report any concerns or issues here.
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Council Buildings and Facilities

Book a facility, make an enquiry or report an issue with our Council buildings or facilities.
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Public Request for Information GIPA - Informal

Submit an Informal Application Request for Information here.
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Parks, Reserves and Recreation

Report issues about our parks, reserves and recreation facilities here, including mowing requests.
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Planning, Building and Development

Make a planning, building and development enquiry or report any issues here.
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Public Health and Environmental Issues

Request information or report an environmental concern or public health issue here.
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Roads and Footpaths

Enquire about our roads and footpaths or report any issues here.
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Trees and Vegetation

Enquire about trees / vegetation here, including trimming and removal.
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Vehicles and Parking

Make a parking enquiry or report an unattended vehicle here.
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Waste and Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping or make a waste enquiry here.
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Vandalism and Graffiti

Report vandalism and graffiti in our city here.
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Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

Submit your compliments, complaints and feedback here.
Last updated : Mon 27 Nov 2023