Food safety standards

NSW food service and retail food industries are regulated by the Food Standards Code.

The food safety standards are designed to ensure that food produced in Australia is safe to eat. These standards include:

The NSW Food Authority have food safety guidelines, fact sheets and resources to help food businesses keep up with the latest in food safety and how to comply with the food regulations.

Making a food complaint

When you purchase food, you are protected under the Food Act, which is enforced by the NSW Food Authority and Council.

As a customer, you can complain about:

  • unsafe practices involving food or a food outlet
  • a food product that has made you or someone you know sick
  • dirty premises or poor food handling
  • foreign objects in food
  • a food product that has been tampered with.

If you work in the food industry, you can complain about:

  • a trader who is selling food that is falsely described or does not comply with a prescribed standard
  • a trader who is making misleading claims, eg. about nutrition or improper labelling;
  • a trader who has adulterated food, eg. used an illegal additive or preservative.

When making a complaint regarding suspected food poisoning please provide:

  • The date and time you consumed the suspected food
  • The name and address of the food business
  • The specific food that was consumed including sauces and dips
  • Details of any illness and symptoms including the length of time these were experienced.

You can make a complaint by contacting our Customer Service team on 4221 6111.

We investigate all complaints, and where necessary take action to ensure compliance with the Food Act, Food Regulation and the Food Standards Code is maintained. You will not be contacted regarding the results of the investigation. Should you be seeking compensation regarding a food complaint, you will need to contact a solicitor.

Last updated : Mon 21 Aug 2023