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Building and design guidelines and strategies

Design guidelines have been developed to ensure streetscapes and houses in our new communities are well designed.
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Calderwood Urban Development Project

Calderwood Urban Development Project is approximately 700 hectares of rural lands to the north-west of Albion Park.
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Cultural and heritage advice

We have undertaken studies to ensure that heritage is appropriately considered and items are appropriately conserved.
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Development contributions and planning agreements

Development contributions are put towards funding the cost of additional infrastructure required as a result of growth.
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Development Control Plan (DCP)

Our Development Control Plan outlines the planning controls that apply to development proposals.
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Local Environmental Plans (LEPs)

Our LEPs are our main planning tool to shape the future of Shellharbour and ensure local development is done appropriately.
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Planning studies

The historic, cultural and social qualities of our the city and our community underpin our planning decisions for the future.
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Subdivision design code

Our subdivision design code provides specifications for the design and construction of subdivisions in our LGA.
Last updated : Wed 30 Jan 2019