Action on Climate Change

Council is committed to achieving net zero emissions and is a member of the Cities Power Partnership. 

Zero Emissions Shellharbour

Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. As a coastal community, the effects of climate change are felt by us all and have already impacted our City. We all play a role in building resilience for ourselves and for future generations.

Our Zero Emissions Shellharbour Strategy aims to transition Council’s own emissions, as well as our community’s emissions towards net zero. We are committed to this goal. Every business decision we make will consider our climate resilience and sustainability. We will work with our community to encourage lowering all our energy needs as well as our waste and pollution levels.

What does Net Zero Emissions mean?

Net zero emissions (also known as being carbon neutral) means any greenhouse gases generated by Council or the community are equal to the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere.

We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions where we can, although, where we are not able to, we have the option to offset our emissions. Offsetting means we do something that removes more carbon to make up for the extra emissions we created. This can include things like planting trees or investing in renewable energy such as wind, solar or wave energy.

Climate & Sustainability Policy

Our Climate & Sustainability Policy supports our Zero Emissions Shellharbour Strategy by aligning operational and strategic council planning towards net zero. This will enable us to:

  • Achieve Council’s net zero operational and community targets.
  • Build climate resilience in Shellharbour City for now and into the future.
  • Promote environmental sustainability and protect the ecological values of Shellharbour City for the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Engage with the community throughout the net zero journey to educate, support and empower sustainable action from all Shellharbour residents.


Zero Emissions Shellharbour Strategy 

The Zero Emissions Shellharbour Strategy defines our path toward achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions for both Council and our community. It also maps a series of goals to track our progress. These include goals to address Council operational emissions from electricity, fuel, natural gas, waste or offsetting remaining emissions. The Strategy sets the goal for net zero by 2035 for Council’s operational emissions. Council is also committed to supporting the community to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and building a resilient and adaptive community, for the long-term sustainability of Shellharbour City

Cities Power Partnership

Council is a member of the Cites Power Partnership, Australia’s largest local government climate network. Founded by the Climate Council of Australia, the partnership made up of over 175 councils recognises and supports emissions reduction projects by local Councils.


What has Council achieved so far?

Electricity Contracts - Council purchases Green power for all small sites. We have also entered into a Renewable Energy Agreement for large sites where renewable energy is added to the grid to offset energy use.Energy efficient lighting - LED lighting upgrades across 17 Council facilities has reduced energy consumption in Council buildings by 140,093 Kilowatts per annum, equivalent to 266 tonnes of carbon dioxide.Solar Power - installations at 7 council facilities will reduce emissions by 209 tonnes per year

Fleet - The first step of Council's fleet transition has involved a conversion to hybrid passenger vehicles. By 2023 95% of the vehicles will be hybrid, resulting in emissions savings of around 125 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.Street Lighting upgrades - our stage 2 street lighting upgrade is set to commence early 2023. Once completed 5785 street lights will have been upgraded resulting in emissions savings of around 1750 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.FOGO - Shellharbour City Council began its Food Organics Garden Organics green waste service in 2016. We have diverted over 58,000 tonnes of FOGO from landfill instead producing nutrient rich soil improvers.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

Shellharbour Civic Centre In May 2023, Shellharbour City Council installed two wall-mounted electric vehicle charging ports in the Shellharbour Civic Centre Public Carpark. The 22kw charging ports are located on a ...
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