Development applications

A development application  (DA) is required for all development in Shellharbour City. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 , development is defined as:
  • the use of land
  • the subdivision of land
  • the erection of a building
  • the carrying out of work
  • the demolition
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument
To  obtain development consent, you must lodge a DA with Shellharbour City Council. Some minor development, called 'exempt development', does not require consent. Another type of development, called 'complying development', requires a Complying Development Certificate prior to commencing the use.

Online applications

We provide an online business portal which allows you to submit various applications electronically, and then track its progress via the web. The types of applications that are targeted are the mandatory submissions that small and home-based businesses must complete such as 'Place of public entertainment' (Section 68) forms, building certificates for renovations and waste management services.

Development applications on exhibition

 You can see development applications that are currently being advertised.
If you consider that you may be affected by the proposal, you can make a written submission that must be received by Council prior to 4.30 pm of the day that notification expires.
For your information, under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, Council is required to publicly release any correspondence or information we have in relation to Development Applications (DA's). If you choose to make a submission, it may be viewed as part of the information contained with the DA, which means your personal information may not be confidential. It will not however be displayed on Council's website.
Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement forms will be kept in a public register held at Council's administration building and will also be available on our website.
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