There is no better way to experience Shellharbour than on your bike. Whether by yourself or with family or friends, our shared use paths allow you to explore the beautiful sights within our city.

Cycling is a great way to include exercise into your day, as well as being sustainable and a healthy mode of transport. Shellharbour has an extensive and expanding network of off-road shared use paths providing opportunities for recreational cycling, jogging, and walking.

To improve safety when cycling, wear visable clothing, ride defensively and always wear a helmet - it's the law! When riding at night, the bike must have a white light at the front and red light and reflector at the back.

To assist in reaching your destination safely, make sure that your bicycle is well maintained.

Many of Shellharbour cycleways are pathways for the use of pedestrians, strollers, rollerbladers, skateboarders and cyclists. They are officially known as ‘shared use pathways’ and are for everyone to use. Shellharbour residents are encouraged to show care and courtesy on our shared paths.

Both cyclists and pedestrians should keep left at all times and pedestrians must keep small children and animals away from fast traffic on the track. All dogs are required to be on a leash, preferably a short one, as a long leash may cause danger to cyclists using the shared path.

To promote cycling as a healthy and viable transport alternative, we have created the Toward Active Transport Shellharbour. The main objective of the project is to provide the residents of Shellharbour City, as well as visitors, with a cycling map that shows our shared use paths and popular on-road cycling routes throughout Shellharbour. A plan is also being developed to improve signage at locations throughout the LGA to provide guidance and reassurance for cyclists.

Download a copy of the cycling map.

Last updated : Fri 25 Aug 2023