Surf conditions

Warilla North is offered some shelter by Windang Island from the north-east winds and north-east swell experienced during the summer period. 

Patrol times


29/09/18 - 21/12/18


22/12/18 - 28/01/19


29/01/19 - 28/04/19


29/04/19 - 28/09/19

No patrol9am - 5pm (7 days)9.30am - 5pm (weekends, public holidays & school holidays only)No patrol

Beach wheelchair

We offer a beach wheelchair for public use at Shellharbour North Beach and Warilla Beach. The chair is available when lifeguards are on patrol. When the chair is not in use it is secured adjacent to the main carpark. Bookings are not required, however, a combination code is needed for access. To obtain the access code please see one of our on-duty lifeguards or contact customer service on 4221 6111.


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fitness equipment, outdoor shower, patrolled beach (seasonal), picnic table, public toilet

Parking Information

Parking is available on Osborne Parade, Warilla.

Last updated : Mon 11 Mar 2019