Council provides funding under its Sponsorship Policy to assist with local community events and arts-based activities. 

To submit an application, please:

1. Read our sponsorship policy. Click here to view our list of policies and search the term 'sponsorship'.

2. Determine whether your event meets the criteria outlined in the policy. If so, complete and submit an Event Sponsorship Application Form. Note that there are specific categories and types of events and activities that are not eligible for sponsorship through this program. Please review this policy carefully to ensure your application will be considered and is eligible.

3. Ensure that your application and any supporting material are submitted to Council as soon as possible. The application process will only remain open until the funding for sponsorship is exhausted.

4. If you require support to complete the application, or have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the Events Team at We are always happy to help!

5. Submissions currently closed.

Last updated : Tue 14 Feb 2023