Luv the Lake

Luv the Lake is a program delivered in partnership with Wollongong City Council and funded through the EPA Council Litter Prevention grants program. These council Litter grants assist local governments to deliver litter prevention projects like Luv the Lake that answer their community needs. These projects play an important role in achieving long-term goals for litter reduction in NSW  

Program Outcome: Increase community pride, respect and ownership of the Lake Illawarra and its surroundings. Improve litter reduction and prevention around the lake foreshore, and deliver a multi-pronged approach that aligns with the EPA Litter Prevention Strategy. 

Program Timeframe: July 2022 – July 2023 

Luv the Lake Coastal Clean Up 

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and help clean up our beautiful coastline!

As a part of the Luv the Lake program for litter reduction, Shellharbour and Wollongong City Councils are hosting a Coastal Clean Up at Reddall Reserve on 3 June to celebrate World Ocean's Month.

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About the Program

The program will implement effective litter prevention across Lake Illawarra through community education and events, enforcement and regulation and improving infrastructure.
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Report a Tosser

The 'Report A Tosser!' program allows and empowers the community to report people who are littering from a vehicle.
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What you can do to Luv the Lake

Litter along the foreshore of Lake Illawarra is a big hazard, and here's how we can work together to prevent it.
Last updated : Thu 27 Jul 2023