As part of the 2022/23 round of the Council’s Small Environmental Projects Fund, public schools were invited to submit applications to participate in the Solar my School program.

Oak Flats Public School was selected to participate, excluding system and installation costs. The school received:

•    An independent assessment by an expert solar consultant to recommend the best size and location for solar panels
•    An estimate of the system costs and savings
•    Help with accessing grant funding to pay for the system
•    Assistance with working with the NSW Department of Education
•    Presentations to school P&Cs and boards
•    Curriculum-linked solar educational resources

Each year the new solar system will: 
•    Save 24% on the facility's energy bill
•    Produce power equivalent to running 208 computers or 7 homes
•    Reduce carbon emissions by 37 tonnes
•    Equivalent to taking 13 cars off the road

Solar my School was jointly founded by Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils, and is now licensed to other Councils for supporting schools in their areas. 

Last updated : Fri 20 Oct 2023