Shellharbour Youth Plan

Our Youth Services team is based at the Blackbutt Youth Centre, and works across the entire city. Since late 2018, all our Youth Services work is aligned with the Shellharbour Youth Plan 2018-2021. The Youth Plan is a whole-of-community plan that aims to help us all contribute to a supportive community for young people. The Youth Plan has a number of priorities under three themes: Live, Grow and Play. The plan sets out how we can all help young people to live, grow and play in Shellharbour, so they can STAY in Shellharbour.

The Youth Action Plan is a shorter version of the youth plan and outlines the priorities and goals of young people in Shellharbour, along with the actions we can all take to help meet those priorities. If you’d like to help contribute to the Youth Plan, please email our Team Leader - Children's and Youth Services.

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To help deliver on the Youth Plan, we offer a range of activities such as: 

  • youth workers in schools
  • guitar and music programs
  • drama groups
  • street art
  • school holiday programs
  • free toast and milkshakes
  • youth services network meetings

If you are interested in joining the finding out more about our services, subscribe to the Shellharbour Youth Network mailing list, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

The Shellharbour City Youth Council is a key part of Council’s commitment to supporting young people. The Youth Council is a leadership and civic program for young people 12-24 years old and is a valuable and important partner in the delivery of the Youth Plan.

The Youth Council’s objectives are:

  1. The Youth Council is a leadership and civic program for young people 12-24 years old
  2. The Youth Council will involve young people in local government decision making to build a resilient youth population and provide opportunities for young people to reach their full potential.
  3. Council and the Youth Council will support young people to deliver the goals from the Shellharbour Youth Plan (page 3)
  4. The Youth Council is seen as a valuable and important partner in the delivery of the Shellharbour Youth Plan, and as such the Youth Council is referenced against specific actions within the Action Plan. These will form the basis of standing items on the agenda at Youth Council meetings

Membership is open to Shellharbour residents aged 12-24. Each High School has an allocation for two representatives and there are 5 community representative positions available.

The Youth Council will be comprised of no more than 21 members aged between 12-24 years at the date of nomination, with members being appoint for 2 years.

Meetings are held quarterly (minimum) outside of school hours, at the Shellharbour Civic Centre.

If you want to find out more information, check out the TERMS OF REFERENCE  or email our Team Leader - Children's and Youth Services.

The first #youngshellharbour July 2019 update is ready to view! It's a snapshot of the first 6 months of the Youth Plan's implementation, with highlights from the Youth Council and articles written by young people on some great stuff they've been up to locally. It aims to promote young people's voices, share their successes and promote engagement with the Youth Plan and the Youth Council within the community.

Children & families

We are committed to ensuring children across our city grow up in the best possible environment to support their growth and development. We recognise the importance of supporting families and children by promoting local activities, events and services for children 0-12 years, their parents, carers and grandparents.

We support the operation of Shellharbour Kids for parents and carers of children, community workers and professionals. This site aims to save you time by providing links to parenting information, support and resources in our city, as well as links to helpful Australian parenting websites.

For further information contact our Team Leader - Children & Youth Services on 4221 6007.


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