Shellharbour City Council maintains 589 Garden sites, 39 Sportsfields (80 individual fields) and 653 mowing sites across the city.
Our staff are dedicated and professional, with the aim to provide a high standard of work. Our aim is to maintain these areas as much as possible to keep them safe and usable for the community. 

Mowing maintenance activities


  • Sportsfield mowing
  • Park & Reserve mowing
  • Road verges (not in front of private property)
  • Grass median mowing

As required :

  • Sportsfield Fertilizer, aeration and weed control program
  • Presentation for City Events

How many mowing areas does Council manage?

Garden Sites : 589 Sites.

Sportsfields : 39 locations (80 individual fields).

Mowing: 653 Sites.

Why is only half the field mowed?

Great question! If you find that only part of the field is mowed, it is because the ground is too wet for the machinery to safely mow that area. Be assured it will be mowed when it is safe to do so.

Why doesn't council just use handheld equipment when the ground is too wet?

Council maintains 653 mowing sites, so handheld machinery is only used for small areas.

We will continue to mow, snip and edge any area of a reserve that we can, to provide some amenity to the public.

How do you prioritise your mowing schedule?

Our scheduled maintenace program includes 589 Garden sites, 39 Sportsfields (80 individual fields) and 653 mowing sites. Our target is to service each area every 5 weeks, with key locations across the city being serviced every 3 weeks.

The Key ares are listed below: 

Terry Street Albion Park

Showground Albion Park

Skiway Park Oak Flats

Cycleway to skiway

Harrison Park

Dog Park Oak Flats

Deakin Reserve Oak Flats

Central Park Oak Flats

Pelican View reserve Lake Illawarra

Pool surrounds and Memorial Park Warilla

Reddall Parade Foreshore

Boonerah Point Mount Warrigal

Blackbutt Reserve Playgrounds

Barrack Point reserve

Shellharbour reserve/ Little Park

Eric Cleary Reserve

Bardsley Park Shellharbour

Dog Park Whittaker Street

Village Green Flinders

Whittaker Street x 4 parks Flinders

Wentworth Cottage Park playground

Cove Blvrd Shellcove

Harbour Blvrd + adjoing reserves

Shallows reserves Shellharbour

Bass Point Reserve

Wilsons Memorial Park APR

McDonald Park APR

Arboretum APR

Croome Stadium + Entry

Netball courts Croome

Bassett Park - Sth Beach Shellharbour




















These schedules are impacted by the extreme weather like we have been experiencing. We maintain all sports fields regularly to keep them in a playable condition. Following wet weather, some can be mowed more than others. Fields are mown with specialist tractors.

There are many other elements that factor into our mowing schedule. Please know that no area is forgotten.

When will mowing be caught up?

Shellharbour has recorded it’s wettest year on record. This has impacted our ability to maintain all parks as we would like. As a result it only takes a fraction of rain each week to top up an already saturated soil profile and render an area unserviceable.


Overgrown Properties

Find more information about overgrown properties & how to report an overgrown, unsafe or unhealthy property here.

It's been sunny all week, why hasn't the grass been mowed?

The ground is at capacity which means the profile is fully saturated. The timing of this process depends on the amount of rain we have received and may take weeks to return to normal.

Garden Maintenance


  • Edging along paths, around gardens, furniture, bins & trees
  • Mowing with Skid Steer
  • Garden beds in parks, streetscapes, carparks and building surrounds
  • Weed Spraying Program and removal
  • Litter pick up

As required:

  • Presentation for City Events
  • Garden refurbishment (Winter Program)

Last updated : Mon 19 Dec 2022