Flood management

Under the NSW Government Flood Prone Land Policy, management of flood prone land is, primarily, the responsibility of councils. We are working with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Local Community to model and mitigate flooding events. This process is part of our Floodplain Management Program.

Our floodplain management program is carried out in accordance with the NSW Governments Floodplain Development Manual (2005).The formulation and implementation of floodplain risk management plans is the main goal of the floodplain management process. The process setout in the manual ensures consideration of economic, social and environmental costs of floods and the various options available to address the flood risk.

We receive financial and technical assistance from the NSW government as well as direction from Floodplain Management Committees setup for each study area. The Committees are formed to provide Council with representation from elected members of Council, Council staff with technical expertise, emergency management (SES), local infrastructure services, specialist consultants engaged by Council and members of the local community. The Committees are setup as a forum for discussion of technical, social, economic, environmental and cultural issues and ultimately are required to provide direction for the various studies and make recommendations to Council.