Always ensure your dog or cat is microchipped. If any information on your pet’s microchip has changed you must let us know us as soon as possible. Information can be updated almost immediately and will assist our rangers to return your pet home if they become lost. In addition to being microchipped all dogs, except working dogs, have to wear a collar and tag showing the dog's name and your address or telephone number when outside your property.

If you have lost your pet

If you have lost your pet please contact our rangers by calling 4221 6111. You may also want to contact the Illawarra RSPCA by calling 4271 3410.

If you have found a pet

If you have found a pet, first check if the pet has an identification tag. If the animal is wearing a name tag with a phone number, contact the owner. If the animal is not wearing an identification tag, contact our rangers by calling 4221 6111. If a pet is microchipped and its details are up to date, our rangers will return the animal to its home. If the animal does not have a microchip it will be taken to the Illawarra RSPCA, located on Industrial Road in Unanderra.

If you have found a deceased pet

If you find a deceased dog or cat in a public place, please contact us by calling 4221 6111. If the animal is microchipped or wearing an identification tag, our rangers will be able to notify the owner of what has occurred. We do not collect deceased animals from private properties.

If you find an injured native animal

If you find an injured or orphaned native animal, please contact WIRES by calling 1300 094 737 or by reporting a rescue online.

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Last updated : Mon 18 Feb 2019