How to pay your rates

There are a number of ways you can pay your rates.

One of the easiest ways is to pay online using eServices.

Other payment methods include:

  • BPAY
  • credit card over the phone (surcharge applies) - ph:1300 650 627
  • direct debit
  • cheque sent via mail to Council
  • at Australia Post
  • at our Customer Service Centre located at Shellharbour Civic Centre, 76 Cygnet Avenue, Shellharbour City Centre.

If you have any questions about paying your rates please contact Customer Service on 4221 6111.

Are you having difficulty paying your rates?

Payment plans are offered to all ratepayers experiencing difficulty in paying their rates instalments by the due dates.

For more information phone Council on 02 4221 6111 or email:

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Frequently asked questions

What about heritage listed properties?

Properties that are formally heritage listed may be eligible for a reduction in rates. If you believe the land that you own should be Heritage Listed, you need to apply for Heritage Land Valuation through the Valuer General's Office.

Will rates change?

Every year the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal determine how much each Council can increase its total rate income. For 2018-19 Shellharbour City Council has increased the rates by the maximum rate peg of 2.3%.

What are the interest charges?

By law, you will be charged interest if your rate instalment is not paid by the due date shown. The rate of interest is 7.5% per annum.

Am I eligible for a rebate?

Pensioner rebate

If you have been issued with a Pensioner Concession Card or receive a War Widows or TPI Pension and reside at the rated property, you may be eligible for a rate rebate of up to $250.

Part rate rebates may apply to ratepayers who become eligible pensioners after the issue of the rates. Applications should be made in person at our Administration Centre at the Shellharbour Civic Centre, 76 Cygnet Avenue, Shellharbour City Centre.

Hardship assistance

If you are having trouble paying your rates on time, we can provide hardship assistance and a personalised payment plan to help you get back on track.

Ratepayers are eligible to be considered for hardship assistance where the property you pay rates on is:

  • your principal place of residence (home); or
  • the principal place of residence of your dependent who is also suffering genuine financial hardship, or
  • owned by an aged pensioner and is vacant whilst the ratepayer is in short-term care.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with information about:

  • payment options, including help to set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debits
  • personal payment plans to help you pay off your overdue rates at the same time as addressing your future instalments in one easy plan
  • access to Centrelink’s Centrepay facilities

For further information on pensioner rebates or hardship assistance, contact us on (02) 4221 6111.

If you receive a pension rebate, you will have until May 31 each rating year to pay your current rates and charges without incurring interest charges.

How do I update my details?

If you have recently changed address, please complete and return a change of address application form.

Alternatively, you can email with your full name, the ownership details, the property address, and the new postal address .

How are rates calculated?

Approximately half of our total income comes from rates and charges. We use this money to help fund a whole range of facilities and services in our city, from parks and sports fields to roads, libraries, health and safety, community events and youth services.

The total amount of rate money we collect each year is worked out based on State Government directions. How much you pay as an individual depends on the type of land you own.

In Shellharbour City there are three land categories: farmland, residential and business. Your rate category is shown on the front of your rate notice. If you don’t agree with your category you can apply to have it changed by contacting our rates department on (02) 4221 6111 or by emailing

All rates are calculated using land value. The land value is determined by the NSW Valuer General, not by Council.

A revaluation occurs at least once every three years. The latest revaluation was completed in December 2016 and has been used in the calculation of your 2018-2019 rates.

If your land has more than one use, for example if you have a shop with a flat upstairs, your rate is worked out using a formula that takes both uses into account. Once your land value is worked out, it’s multiplied by a figure known as the “rate in the dollar”. If your land is residential, we also use what’s called a “base amount”.

The rate in the dollar is calculated by dividing 55% of the total amount collected through residential rates by the total land value of all residential properties in the city. Your share of this is based upon the valuation of your property.

 As well as the rate in the dollar amount, the remaining 45% of our residential rate income comes from a base amount. This charge is the same for all residential properties.

Last updated : Tue 22 Mar 2022