About the Project

Electric Vehicles (EVs) will play a vital role in the transition to achieving Shellharbour’s Net Zero 2050 community emissions target. Supporting electric vehicle charging is one way that Council can help enable electric vehicle uptake.

We have developed the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guidelines to help plan for a future network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure on Council land. These guidelines will ensure that providers are aware of Council’s requirements and expectations when electric vehicle charging infrastructure is proposed within the Shellharbour Local Government Area (LGA).


Will there be fast-charge stations?

Whilst many owners of EV vehicles in the Shellharbour area will have the opportunity to charge at home, some owners may not have easy access to home EV chargers including those living in strata or community housing. As a result a range of charging speeds will be required to meet both the needs of Shellharbour residents and visitors. These Guidelines aim to ensure that charger speeds are selected to consider the needs of the location they are installed at.

Will there be clear signage advising charging station carparks are for EV only?

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) electric vehicle signage has been approved for use on public streets and public places. Under the current legislation Council does not have the delegated authority from TfNSW to produce its own signage in relation to EV charging. All EV charging stations on public roads will need to be approved under delegation via the Local Traffic Committee.   

Will there be fines for parking in the EV charging space and not having an EV or charging?

Should an EV not be charging, or another car parked on the dedicated parking bay, including a non-plug-in hybrid EV, the driver could incur a fine (Disobey No Parking Sign). Our Compliance and Regulation staff cannot rely on public submissions when issuing fines as there may be circumstances or exemptions that are not obvious to the public and require proper consideration before enforcement action is taken.

Will EV chargers be accessible to individuals with disabilities?

To ensure that EV charging infrastructure in Shellharbour meets the needs of all residents, all EV charging bays will be required to provide accessible car parking space that meets the accessibility requirements of AS2890.5/AS2890.6 and have functionality that are useable by people with disabilities. As an accessible signposted space cannot impose time limits on its users, it will not be signposted as such. However, the layout and dimensions of the area will provide adequate accessibility the same as any disabled parking space.

How will the chargers be maintained and who should be contacted if they are broken?

The Guidelines state that it is the responsibility of the EV charger provider (Council or an eligible third party) to “financially commit to the cost of the EV infrastructure, rent (if applicable), maintenance and repairs, capital improvements, essential services, site outgoings and ensuring that the site is operational at all times”. Details of who to contact in the case of a fault or damage will be provided at the charging site to avoid delays to service.

Last updated : Wed 7 Sep 2022