Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

The Aboriginal Community Liason Officer is a vital link between Shellharbour City and our local Aboriginal communities.

The Aboriginal Community Liasion Officer is responsible for coordinating and delivering a range of community development and capacity building initiatives such as Reconciliation and NAIDOC events, developing strategic plans and policies, supporting the Aboriginal Advisory Committee and advising on Aboriginal culture and heritage and social justice matters.  


E: Bonnie.Hittmann@shellharbour.nsw.gov.au; CCAdmin@shellharbour.nsw.gov.au 

P: (02) 4221 6237

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Protocols

We value, acknowledge and respect our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community as the First Nation peoples of our City. Council has developed protocols to acknowledge the special position of Aboriginal people and incorporated this recognition into official events, meetings, conferences and Council meetings. 


Shellharbour City Council Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocol 

 - Adopted 2021 - 

Shellharbour City Council recognises the unique status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians. We acknowledge the special relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have with their traditional lands and waters, as well as their unique history and diverse culture, customs and circumstances.  

The rich languages, cultures and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples represent the world’s oldest continuous cultural heritage. This unique legacy is recognised internationally and is one of the things that sets Australia apart from the rest of the world. 

 Shellharbour City Council endorsed a ‘Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal Australians’ on 1 July 1997. The ‘Statement of Commitment’ is Council’s flagship document, signifying the interest of the Council in its community and its enthusiasm to engage in work towards Reconciliation and its commitment to the process of genuine recognition of the truth of Australia’s history.  

SCC Aboriginal Protocol Adopted 2021 


Shellharbour City Council Welcome to Country 

 - Adopted 2021 - 

A traditional welcome or welcome to country is a speech that is done usually by an Elder of the local Aboriginal community of the area. It is mostly done at major events, and meetings. It welcomes people to visit and meet on the traditional area.  

The traditional owners of the area are people who have originally come from that area, and also are acknowledged by the community. They are people recognised by the community as a whole.  

SCC Welcome to Country Adopted 2021 


Aboriginal Advisory Committe

The Shellharbour City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee was created in November 1998, and recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary in 2018. Reaching this milestone makes it the oldest continuous serving committee of its kind in NSW. 

The objective of the committee is to encourage the recognition of Aboriginal history, culture and people; ensure access to a range of services in the community; and ensure participation of Aboriginal people in determining the future of the Shellharbour. 


The purpose of the Shellharbour City Council's Aboriginal Advisory Committee is to provide professional and strategic advice on issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, and guidance in relation to the implementation of strategies to achieve the objectives of the:  

  • Statement of Commitment 1997 

  • Shellharbour City Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 

Every two months on a Tuesday at 3:00pm at the Civic Centre.  


Visit our committees and working parties page to find out more about the Aboriginal Advisory Committee. 

Last updated : Fri 28 Oct 2022