Public Art Map

Use this map to discover and explore our public art collection within Shellharbour. Plan your own public art tour, or find out what artworks exist near you.

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Art at the Civic Centre

Community planning for the new Civic Centre identified art as an important to the design of the building and public domain.
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Lake Illawarra Art Trail

The art trail is an innovative and exciting way to positively connect the community with its cultural identity.
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Art in unexpected places

Find out more about some of Shellharbour's public artworks you can find across the city.
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In the Making

Discover our art-in-the-making videos and interviews with artists!
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Find out more about Shellharbour's expanding catalog of murals from local & nationally recognised artists!
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Activity sheets

Explore our public art activity sheets and be inspired by our public art collection.
Last updated : Tue 10 Oct 2023