Food Premises

Council will investigate all food complaints, and where necessary take action to ensure compliance with regulations and legal obligations. Visit Shellharbour City Council – Food Safety for further information regarding making a food complaint.

To enquire about a food safety matter please complete this form.


Legionella is a bacterium known to exist in water cooling towers and several species of Legionella can cause pneumonia.

For more information or to make an enquiry please complete this form.

Sediment Control

Erosion and sediment control is used on building and construction sites to help minimise the effects of soil, sand and other sediment from being washed off the site and into gutters, stormwater drains and waterways.

For more information or to enquire about sediment control please complete this form.

Public Health Needle/Syringe

1800 633 353 is the needle collection hotline that takes reports from the public and co-ordinates the clean-up of dumped needles and syringes in public places.

To report a needle in a public place please complete this form.

Unhealthy Premise

Many properties may be considered to be untidy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the property is in an unsafe or unhealthy condition. Properties that are considered unsafe or unhealthy are not maintained to a satisfactory condition, ie overgrown vegetation, accumulated rubbish.

Report an unhealthy premise here.

Skin Penetration Issues

Shellharbour City Council regulate all hair, beauty salons and skin penetration business premises including acupuncture, beauty treatments and body piercing.

To report a skin penetration issue please complete this form.

Air, Land, Noise and Water Pollution

Complaints regarding noise from a late night party, licensed venue or from a vehicle on a public road should not be reported to council.

Find out who to contact or make any other air, land, noise or water pollution enquiry here.

Last updated : Mon 27 Nov 2023