Play Trail

A play trail has been developed along the harbour promenade and parklands, featuring a number of interactive play equipment pieces to keep you entertained as you spend time walking around our beautiful harbour precinct. 

See if you can spot all the different elements as you make your way around the harbour!


Kids Beach

Kids beach at Marina Shell Cove

The kid's beach is the perfect place for kids to have fun playing in the sand, building sandcastles, or cooling off in the shallow wading water. 

Please note the swimming net is in place to outline the shallow wading area. Beyond, the sand is supported by a rocky reef which may be colonised by sea life including oysters and barnacles. This is both natural and beneficial to the Harbour as these shellfish help improve the Harbour’s water quality, however, this area beyond wading depth is not designed for swimming or playing. More information and FAQs below.  

While dogs are welcomed at the harbour we do ask that you leave your dog on the land while you play on the sand. 



  • Adventure Playground coming to the Harbourside Park  
  • Playground coming to the slide Park 


Plan your visit

The Shell Cove Harbour is located in a picturesque coastal location, similar to other coastal locations the Shell Cove Harbour can be impacted by heat, wind, rain and cold especially during evenings when taking a stroll around the harbour. So don’t forget to check the weather forecast and plan ahead.   


Shell Cove Swimming Net FAQs


Where is it installed?

The swimming net has been installed just outside the floating yellow buoys which signify the edge of the shallow wading area. Beyond this point is the operational boat harbour and swimming is not permitted. There are also submerged rocks and a deeper drop off.  

Why is it necessary?

To prevent people swimming out into the harbour's operational area and to create separation between beach users and larger marine animals.  

Why does it look like that?

The swimming net needs to feature a brightly coloured mesh for visibility purposes and the height of the net and pylons are to accommodate changing tides and water height within the harbour. Importantly, the rigidity of the net significantly reduces the possibility of animal entanglement, this is a key difference between the swim net at Shell Cove and offshore shark meshing program Nets. This structure has been designed to meet NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Policy and Guidelines. 

Why can't it be collapsible to change with the tide and lower visual impact?

Swimming enclosures are regulated by NSW DPI who do not approve collapsible nets for swimming enclosures (e.g. using buoys) as such nets may result in inadvertent trapping of marine life during low tide.   

What is it made from?

The net is constructed of 144mm diagonal square rope mesh which is suspended between pylons and descends to the harbour floor.

How often will it be cleaned?

It will be regularly monitored and cleaned as needed.

What happens if an animal is caught, entangled or trapped in the net?

In the unlikely event something is caught in the net, please contact our Customer Service Team on 02 4221 6111 or  

How can you be sure no fish will get trapped?

To minimise the entanglement of fish and birds it is important that the net is taught and set on poles to ensure that it stays horizontal and doesn’t sag during low tides, in this way it acts more as a wall to deter fauna, rather than a drifting net that will capture them.    

This structure has been designed to meet NSW DPI Policy and Guidelines and ensures that fish don’t get trapped within the net itself; to exclude large fish from the swimming enclosure; and to allow smaller fish that may become trapped in the swimming area to get back out again.

Will the enclosure be permanent or removed in winter?

The swimming net will be permanent and regularly maintained.

Last updated : Thu 27 Jul 2023